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Blandine's House of Pain

"This is torture at its most bizarre and terrible." - Batman (1966)

23 April
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In some circles, I am known as the Amethyst Shadow. I haunt the computer lab at night researching popular culture. I have many friends, but I am a difficult woman. Stubborn. Not worthy of such friends. I wear the Hair-Shirt of Doom. I speak only when spoken to. I embrace the hurt and scorn the comfort. I read depressing poems and hide in my room.

I walk alone because I am not worthy to ride in the car of my friends. I am currently moving to a new flat with all my belongings strapped to my back rather than ask for help. I will sip cold tea from a cracked teacup. It is enough.

I am Blandine. It is my way. Shun me.

(I have not learned to use my LJ and therefore my friends mock me at will. It is their way. *G*)